Concurrent Urbanities
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Auditorium at The New School (66 Fifth Ave., Manhattan)

Concurrent Urbanities brings together designers, artists, architects, urbanists, planners, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, civic and community activists, with government representatives and the private sector, in order to explore new roles that artists and designers play in encouraging processes of radical democratization, forms of socio-spatial resistance, as well promoting economic equity and environmental sustainability in the processes of producing urban space.

Concurrent Urbanities features individuals and groups that represent a generation of design activists whose work proposes a radical remapping of the relationships between urban practices and design through broad participatory design processes, bottom-up organizational approaches, innovative networking, as well as through emergent approaches to urban field operations. Finally, the intent has also been to create synergies between emerging, innovative design-led urban practices and the ways in which we begin to rethink design education and urban pedagogy by coding, translating, and framing these types and modes of practice in more formative, more forceful, and more instrumental ways.

This year, Concurrent Urbanities brings together two exceptional urban practitioners, Teddy Cruz (San Diego) and Lorenzo Romito (Rome), in a conversation with Parsons faculty Miguel Robles Duran, Bill Morrish, and Miodrag Mitrasinovic.

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