Derby Day
Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

Ladies! Gentlemen! Is there perfume on the wind? Does the sky glow as blue as a peacock’s pride? Do the birds flit about like lovers, and do the earthworms blindly caress? And wherefore such excess? It can only mean one thing: that that most joyous of life’s gifts is once again lain at our feet, with all the promise of a newborn.

Yes, friends: IT’S KENTUCKY DERBY DAY! Being that most perspicacious of days, when the colts—and the occasional liberated filly—race for the roses! Come join us at PETE’S CANDY STORE for our 156th Annual Kentucky Derby Festivities. We have been going over a century and a half strong, right here in BillyBurg—and we see no reason to stop now!

The festivities get underway SATURDAY, MAY 4 at 3pm at PETE’S CANDY STORE (709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn, 11211), and will last until the last horse crosses the finish line!

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