Mex Fest NYC

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Round up your fun-loving friends and head over to iAdventure’s Second Annual Mex Fest, a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Hudson Terrace will be buzzing with scores of sombrero-wearing, fake mustache-sporting New Yorkers who are ready to go loco. Enjoy a variety of tasty drinks, from cold brews to margaritas and tequila shots. Some of the best food trucks around, including Morris Grilled Cheese Truck, Nuchas, Takumi Taco and Mexico Blvd, will be parked outside Hudson Terrace, selling food. Don’t miss out on a jalapeno eating contest, delicious sangria from Madria Sangria and tropical fruit smoothies from Mowie Wowie. Plus, a live DJ will be playing all day, providing the festive soundtrack to your Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

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