Friday, April 26th: The Mr(s) Williamsburg Pagent Crowning

The Mr(s) Williamsburg Pagent Crowning
Sugarland Nightclub (221 N. 9th, Brooklyn)

Hosted by Merrie Cherry, Alotta McGriddles and Horrorchata
Guest Judges:
Mocha Lite – BNA Drag Queen of the Year
Maty Longo – Sugarland Nightclub & This n’ That Manager
Steven Mc Enrue – Metropolitan
(and a super special guest judge)

-The Title of Mr(s) Williamsburg


-Bookings for the month of May

-A Ride in the Brooklyn Gay Pride Parade

-The Mr(s) Williamsburg Sash
which will be a “KURT FOWL for HOUSE OF CACH” design! A wearable accessory that will make the bitches gag!