Head On: Motown vs. Studio 54
The Bell House (149 7th St., Brooklyn)

Head On returns for our fourth battle of themes. We’ve decided to get vicious. Cruel, possibly. We’re pitting two of the most beloved periods in music against one another for a battle in which there can be only one winner. Will it be Motown, the label that soundtracked the 60’s, along with every movie from our childhoods? Or will it be Studio 54, the glamorous home of celebrities riding horses onto the dance floor, disco divas, and creepy dudes with mustaches and Italian designer pants? Will it be the Jackson 5 in matching outfits or Michael Jackson solo, hanging with Andy Warhol? Will it be the Supremes, hair stacked high, or Diana Ross, solo and cooing? Which will prevail? Our DJs have picked sides and drawn the battle lines, and they’re ready to fight, mano-a-mano, theme vs. theme, soul vs. disco.

We’ll crown a winner based on your vote and your moves on the dancefloor and give you more of what you picked all night long.

HEAD ON: Motown vs. Studio 54

LEPAUX (Motown)
SPOOLWORK (Studio 54)

with DJing assistance and officiating by

Two DJs enter
One DJ leaves

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