Thursday, April 25th: Free Live Jazz Night + Open Bar

Live Jazz Night
Hotel on Rivington (107 Rivington St., Manhattan)
6-11pm, 6-7pm open bar

Dollar shots and $3 PBRs in a crappy overcrowded midtown bar? No Thanks! I’m deathly allergic to the typical Happy Hour scene and I know you are too. So lets change it up! Next Thursday (April 25th from 6-11pm) I’m producing a special night of live Jazz and drink specials at the Rivington Hotel. Bring a date, bring a friend, or just roll with co-workers, however you want to do it just make sure I see your face!

The Show:

GP4 draws from a wide lexicon of jazz, blues, r&b and groove-based music. The band members have toured extensively, bringing their sound to jazz festivals, clubs and happenings from Brazil to Prague, from L.A. To Tokyo. The band moves seamlessly through each set, from straight-ahead jazz to an electric, eclectic mix of soulful and groovy vibes. Their ability to move through so many genres, all with a jazz inflection is what makes their music so attractive and entertaining


Open bar from 6pm-7pm
Rest of the night, Cocktails $9, All Beers $6

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