Lunch Beat NYC # 1
Slate (54 W. 21st St., Manhattan)
12:30-1:30pm sharp
$12 in advance, includes lunch

The first rule of Lunch Beat is, everyone has to dance.

Join us as we launch Lunch Beat in Manhattan and be a part of the lunchtime revolution! Your ticket gets you entry to a one-hour dance club environment, vegetarian lunch, and a water.

Lunch Beat Manifesto

1st rule: If it’s your first time at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.

2nd rule: If you have been to Lunch Beat before, you still have to dance.

3rd rule: If you are getting too tired to actually dance at Lunch Beat, please have your lunch at some other place.

4th rule: You don’t talk about your job at Lunch Beat.

5th rule: Everyone present at Lunch Beat is your dance partner.

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