The Rejection Show: 420 Edition
Union Hall (702 Union St., Brooklyn)
$10 in advance

It’s The Rejection Show: 420 Edition featuring some of NYC’s finest standup comedians sharing jokes that were written under the influence of “420”, jokes they thought were funnier when they were high, “420” related humor, and/or just general absurdity that would appeal to the pot head in us all.

Featuring the REJECTED material of:
Adam Newman
Bob Powers
Lisa Delarios
Ted Travelstead
Andy Friedman
Stuckey & Murray

The Rejection Show is a comedic based event that embraces the rejected and “turned down” material of writers, comedians, cartoonists, artists, and other artistic types whom display their creative and personal “failures” live on stage. It is a hilarious compilation of rejected material (personal and professional) and the stories that go with them.

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