A Kiss for Sex Worker Rights
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)
2 sessions: 7:30pm & 9pm
$9 each or $15 for both

What happens when sex workers seize the day by running for political office and storm the halls of government? Not only do we demand rights for our communities, we defend the rights of all to love each other safely through access to condoms, relevant reproductive rights and radical, queer justice. This evening of exciting films will leave the audience with the knowledge that supporting sex worker rights is pleasurable, fundamental and as simple as blowing a kiss.

Join the Sex Workers Outreach Project-NYC (SWOP-NYC) and Sex Workers Action New York (SWANK) as we celebrate the New York City premiere of A KISS FOR GABRIELA (a film documenting a sex worker’s run for federal office in Brazil) and highlight recent advances in the fight for rights in NY and around the globe.

We will begin our night together with a selection of the latest in short films including amongst others, the NYC premiere of WHORE LOGIC featuring the Incredible, Edible, Akynos and A KISS FOR GABRIELA, an intimate portrait–with a pumping soundtrack–of the remarkable Gabriela Leite who was the first prostitute to run for Brazilian Congress. Eyes will then be opened via the feature film SCARLET ROAD which reveals “what goes on behind closed doors” with Australian sex worker Rachel Wotton who is highly specialized in working with clients with disability. In addition to film showings, a panel discussion including filmmaker Laura Murray and Flavio Lenz, co-founder of Brazilian prostitutes’ rights organization Davida and one of the stars of A KISS FOR GABRIELA, is part of our action-packed event. We anticipate a visitation by the Incredible, Edible, Akynos and the presence of a member of the RedUp team to share about 2013 actions to pressure Albany for the rights of sex workers.

SWOP-NYC and SWANK proudly acknowledge the Sex Worker Film and Art Festival and Women Make Movies for sponsorship and in curation. Film night program developed by PJ Starr and Heidi Hoefinger, with the assistance of Laura Murray, The Incredible, Edible, Akynos, Audacia Ray and Kate D’Adamo.

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