Wednesday, April 17th: Wedding Photography: Trendy vs. Timeless

Wedding Photography: Trendy vs. Timeless
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Seen enough brides and grooms posed on railroad tracks or walking in the streets for a lifetime? How about the all-too-familiar couple in that backlit field of wheat (or weeds) with, you guessed it, another case of sun flare in the sky? Can we stand one more faceless close-up of the groom’s flower on his tuxedo lapel? And does every wedding album really deserve that commercial-looking photograph of the bride’s perfectly arranged Jimmy Choo® high-heeled shoes?

Renowned wedding photojournalism pioneer Denis Reggie emphatically says… ENOUGH! This inspirational presentation will elicit more from the hearts and minds of photographers in the discovery of authentic moments. See numerous examples of alternative imagery ideally suited for those many clients now ready to move beyond predictable, cookie cutter wedding imagery.

Reggie is a master of simple, one-light technique using his on-camera flash to create dramatic Vermeer like window lighting effect for incredible added depth and dimension. You’ll learn to get the most from your Speedlite on a high ISO capable D-SLR camera with fast lens.

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