Renegade Reading Series
LaunchPad (721 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn)

Renegades — we’re excited to warm up this unusually cold April by getting together again for another installment of, as my mother has put it, this beloved series.

As usual, we’ll get this party started at 8:00 for wine, homemade cookies, flirting and whatever other -ing words you can think of (within reason). Then we’ll sit down and be amazed by this awesome lineup of readers:

David Moscovich

Hubert Vigilla

Beth Amodeo

Abigail Welhouse

Ryan Strong

Please bring friends, dates, strangers, dudes off the street, bosses, mommies and roommates. If Charles Shaw just doesn’t cut it for you, please feel free to BYOB.

This month, one lucky person who signs up for our mailing list will receive one of Rich’s old t-shirts from the Apple store (don’t you worry, it has been washed).

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