Wedding Cinematography
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

For many years, wedding photography has been considered an art form in high demand. Recently, many couples are supplementing their photography packages with equally artistic wedding videos. This new breed of wedding videography is wedding photography in motion. As a result, there is a new call in this billon-dollar-a-year industry for filmmakers and cinematographers with an artistic eye and talent for composition.

In this 3 hour seminar, Kelly Mena will demonstrate what goes into creating a visually artistic and cinematic wedding video that even families will want to watch. From the ins-and-outs of filming a wedding to how to market yourself, this program will emphasize using creativity as a means of maintaining a business through art.

Kelly will begin with a discussion on using one’s artistic eye to capture the day, including composition, camera choice, camera functions and tricks, and using one’s environment to enhance imagery. The lectures will also take into consideration the importance of editing and choice of music in setting the tone and presentation of footage. Finally, the seminar will get down and dirty about marketing yourself properly. Do you want to freelance for yourself? Work for a studio? What kind of clients do you want to appeal to? These questions will lead the audience toward the style and type of business they are interested in pursuing, whether it be a full time studio of their own or freelance work.

This workshop applies to photographers interested in expanding to video, filmmakers, camera operators, and wedding videographers looking for a means of developing their work and business.

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