Sunday, April 7th: Prohibition Parallels with The Center for Investigative Research

Prohibition Parallels
The Diamond (43 Franklin St., Brooklyn)

Marijuana is the second great controlled-substance battle to rend the country state from state: Alcohol, following the 18th amendment in 1920, was the first. And lest we forget, a full 13 years passed between prohibition and repeal (which began with the Cullen-Harrison Act effective April 7, 1933, allowing for the sale 3.2% “Session” beers—which will be honored this day with a special at the Diamond!) Come join special guest Dennis Levy, president of the American Pot-Smokers Association, for an overview and discussion about the parallels between Prohibition’s repeal and the current movements afoot at the state level—and not, shamefully, the federal level—to decriminalize marijuana.

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