The Photographer as a Storyteller: From Street Photography to Documentary
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)
1-3pm (arrive 30 mins. early)

A strong picture is said to be worth a thousand words. A great documentary project exploring a social, cultural, political or personal issue has the power of telling a story in a unique, convincing and visually compelling way. Natan Dvir lived in Israel for most of his life before moving to New York 4 years ago and has worked for the past decade as a photojournalist and documentary artist photographing for Polaris Images and leading magazines worldwide.

In this event Natan will present his award winning documentary project Belief and the series Coming Soon that he has photographed in New York during the last couple of years. Natan will review the images in the series and explore the various aspects of conceptualizing, planning, gaining access, photographing in the field, editing, and sequencing a documentary project. Natan will share his working process and discuss how to become a storyteller while capturing the right moment in every picture.
Those seeking to become advanced documentary image makers will understand, in this inspiring lecture, the skills required for their practice and the complexity of working on a long term project.

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