LOAD OUT: A Reuse and Repurposing RIOT
19 E. 3rd St., Manhattan
Free for artists and art students, $5 for the general public

FREE E-Waste & Clothing/Textile Collection:
By Lower East Side Ecology Center and GrowNYC / Wearable Collections, April 6th, 12-3PM.

At Load OUT!, enjoy an afternoon of repurposing and recycling activities that showcase creative thinking about sustainability and the arts!

GET: Attendees are invited to take home all the donated costumes, props, and furniture they find. Artists are invited to participate for free. The general public will be charged a $5 entrance fee to participate. Whatever you decide to take away with you is FREE of charge.

GIVE: Load Out! also features clothing, textile and e-waste community collections—all open and free for everyone. A full list of accepted donations and other art-related activities is available below. Call 212-228-4670 ASAP to schedule an early donation.

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