Spring Fling Art Party
LaunchPad (721 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn)
$10 in advance

Join us for LaunchPad’s next benefit show, art party and Spring Fling! Because it isn’t Spring until you fling. Why do you think it’s still snowing? It’s because you didn’t fling! Why aren’t the flowers blooming? Because you didn’t fling! So come get your fling on. Featuring:

:: MUSIC – Note! (Hacked video game music)

:::: ANIMATION – Joseph Bennett (rock n gore)

:::::: KARAOKE – Cool Beans Karaoke Crew (midi based fun times explosion)

:::::::: FREE BEER – Honest Pete (mysterious home brewster)

:::::::::: DANCING + FUN + MORE

All for $10 and all the proceeds go to keeping LaunchPad awesome!

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