Cheryl Presents Weekend at Basquiat’s
Music Hall of Williamsburg (66 N. 6th St., Brooklyn)
$10 in advance

Remember that time you accidentally took a disco nap for 30 years, woke up with a beard, your lover was dead, the most famous artist you knew had transformed into a mannequin, and NYC had turned into a luxury shopping mall? We sure do.

CHERYL invites you to take a seat in a time-traveling wheelchair. Put on your darkest sunglasses and get into the groove.

Back when Manhattan was a real place and Brooklyn didn’t exist.
Back when graffiti was cool, heroin was cheap, and crack was whack.
Back when girls just wanted to have fun, people were dancing on the ceiling, and George Michael was straight.

Join us for a night of pure NYC fantasy. April 5, 2013. Music Hall of Williamsburg. Then go home to your luxury condo on the waterfront.

Special guest DJ Lloydski (Tiki Disco)
CHERYL Resident DJ Nick

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