Kristen Boyer & Playing Karma
Bluestockings (172 Allen St., Manhattan)

When we’re introduced to Kristen Boyer in “Playing Karma: A Quarter Life Memoir,” she is 25, chronically ill, and she has just been robbed and abandoned by her husband. Heartbroken and with no one to turn to, Kristen decided to secretly become a professional dominatrix, navigating unstable Mistresses, the dark minds of powerful (yet submissive) Wall Street businessmen, and self-imposed barriers to her past’s darkest secrets. Join Boyer for a reading and a discussion on female empowerment, and healing from Christian evangelistic upbringing and sexual abuse, through her work as a professional dominatrix and shamanic practitioner. Boyer is a psychologist with a private practice in NYC, combining her training in modern psychotherapy and nutrition with traditional shamanic healing methods.

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