Crappy Cinema Council 3 Year Anniversary!
Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn)

Council members! Holy shit. We’ve been forcing you guys to watch piles of cinematic garbage for three whole years! Come celebrate with us! Our theme will be DEATH SCENES and I’m pretty confident it’ll be our best (shittiest) theme yet. Maybe you’ll die of laughter?

PLUS a great lineup of CCC pals, old and new:
Zach Sims (elevator accident)
Streeter Seidell (codeine syrup overdose)
Scott Moran (fatal donkey kick)
Jared Logan (human sacrifice)
Kara Klenk (impaled by trident)
Joe Machi (viper bite)
Alex Koll (struck by lightning twice)
musical guests The Cowmen (plane crash)

Hosted by TEAM JIM (murder/suicide)

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