Thunder Gumbo XIX: The Secrets of the Bunny-Tilians from Outer Space
House of Yes (342 Maujer St., Brooklyn)
$5 in costume or before 12a, $10 otherwise

A fundraiser for the Thunder Gumbo Mutant Vehicle

Live Musical Performances to combat the Bunny Agenda
(with a) Big Volcano (gypsy firesoul big band) 12AM
(& some) Stargate Warriors (live house trio) 10PM

Spinning works by:
Joro Boro
Dru Klein

Come before 11p for alternative easter egg hunts, and champagne limo rides.

Additional easter festivities include a presentation by the anti-bunny-tilian agenda police force or ABTAPF by Doctor Adventure.

The Bunny-Tilian Invasion is Three-Fold:
1. Covert Silent invasion. Soul Scalp and replace or possess the bodies of humans with bunny and demonic beings.
2. Overt Invasion – More visible with their UFOs and flyovers to condition and intimidate mankind of their presence here on earth.
3. Elimination of Dissenters – “If you’re not with us you’re against us” mentality and they will eliminate all who oppose them.

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