Happy Magic Love Yes Party (Death of Our Lord Edition)
House of Yes (342 Maujer St., Brooklyn)

The House of Yes family crew hasn’t thrown a big party in far too long, and this Friday we’re inviting you over to our House for the very finest in dance floor jams without the creeptastic antics! We’ll be creating “sacred space” for the girls to get low and dirty, and of course young gentlemen with their shit together are welcome too- especially if they dress nice and smell even nicer. Please come join us this Friday night as we let all our pent-up frustrations and jubilations out on our dance floor!

Come ready for sexiness: booty, dirty south, baltimore, bounce, disco… You know how we do.

The DJ’s might even take your requests, if you ask nicely. It’s Good Friday, so of course you’ll get a free shot if you are a Pope or Deity or Dead God of some sort – or just come and be your usual awesome self, or your secretly awesome self even. We keep the lights real low so the shy people can dance too. ;)

You know the rules. Bring good vibes. Be easy.

P.s. No cameras or cell phones on the dance floor please, it kills the vibe. =)


Barney Iller

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