Wednesday, March 27th: ‘9-MAN’ Screening & Discussion

Museum of Chinese in America (215 Centre St., Manhattan)
$12, RSVP required:

9-MAN is a feature documentary about an isolated and exceptionally athletic Chinese-American sport that’s much more than a pastime.

Join us for a preview of the documentary and panel with filmmaker Ursula Liang, nine-man athletes, and historians for a look into this intense and secret fraternity.

NINE-MAN is a streetball game played in Chinatown by Chinese-American and Chinese-Canadian men. It’s fast, chaotic, unpredictable, grueling; the rules are distinct and exist no where else in the world—imagine volleyball with 18 guys, dunks, and bloodied elbows. This is a sport that is completely unique to Chinese-Americans and therefore something very special to those who play it. Why haven’t you heard of it? Because it’s played only by men. And two-thirds of the players have to be “100% Chinese”. And perhaps because good things are often kept secret. If you’re not part of the nine-man community, you may have no idea what an incredible scene it is. We’re trying to change that. After decades of mainstream obscurity, it’s time for people to get to know this colorful corner of Chinatown.

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