Indie Fashion 101
Brooklyn Brainery (515 Court St., Brooklyn)
$15 in advance

Admit it. More than once, you’ve been shopping on Etsy or in a local boutique and said, “I really need to start my own line!”

There are oodles of talented designers in New York City, and you can’t read DailyCandy or pick up a copy of L Magazine without hearing about an edgy, new clothing label. But what’s the difference between the indie brands that fade, and those that become iconic?

This lecture is an overview of everything that it takes to successfully launch an indie fashion label, and organize your business to have staying power from the start. There are no guarantees in NYC fashion, but based on six years experience running her own brand, Brooklyn Royalty, Bob Bland will help prepare you to navigate the creative highs & lows of designing your independent label.

We will cover:

1. Starting It: Basic Business Organization
2. Promoting It: Online Presence & Social Media
3. Selling It: Online vs. Offline
4. Making It: Local Production Options

All of these topics could be complete classes on their own–this is just an overview–but will greatly reduce the initial headaches of starting an indie fashion venture. We will finish class with an open Q&A discussion, so come prepared to ask questions!

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