Shamans and Showgirls
House of Yes (342 Maujer St., Brooklyn)
8pm doors, 9pm show
$15 in advance

The fire and chants of our ancestors resonate incessantly within us. Today we make do with flashing lights and booming base to keep our souls from starving.

The Shaman is holding the flame in his hand, today he is a Showman illuminated by the spotlight. The Siren is suspended in the thick air, intoxicating your soul, she is a Diva dripping in diamonds. The two copulate in front of your hungry eyes and you consume the feast. In this ceremony of celebration we seize life fully. We acknowledge and confront death. In this festival of flesh, we celebrate sex, adrenaline, communion and hedonism as we embrace all that is human.

We invite you to join our cult and accept decadence into your heart. We invite you to join Flambeaux Fire and Lady Circus for a night of bacchanalia. The vaudeville rites you will witness have been brewing for thousands of years, raised fierce in Brooklyn and refined by Manhattan money. Come prepared to have your mind blown and your spirit set free.

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