Interactive Storytelling 101
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)

A primer for nonfiction filmmakers looking to expand into interactive storytelling. This workshop surveys trends in interactive documentary, introduces new technologies being used, and provides a “how-to” for starting and conceptualizing interactive projects. We will look at different approaches to developing non-fiction content with interactivity, and share best practices to translate linear documentary films into dynamic, fluid digital stories.

Using techniques and processes from the commercial interactive design world, we will focus on design strategies rather than on computer programs and code (Flash, HTML etc.). Participants will learn how to to break down the complexity of an interactive project into separate visual user interface, media and technology layers.

Our task as creative storytellers are as translators of stories into new forms. Learn how you can you use interactive design and media to make your film more than a static Youtube video embedded onto a webpage.

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