Brooklyn Painting Takedown
The Active Space (566 Johnson Ave., Brooklyn)
Free to watch

20 Brooklyn Artists. Their palettes are gory shields, their paintbrushes bloody longswords. Slashing! Smearing! Dabbing! Utilizing their every special technique to create an army of happy little trees, a zombie legion of happy little clouds- a picturesque landscape, a la Bob Ross! These highly skilled local artists throw away all of their training, ethics, and personal aesthetics – FOR CHARITY!

Painters, to me! Email – fight for Utrecht cash $250, $150, $100 prizes for the crowd favorites while you paint your best Bob Ross! I’ll have your canvas and easel at the ready. You bring all the paint and weapons you might need!

And hey, The Audience: haven’t you always wanted your own sick-ass landscape painting? I know I do! BEST PART IS, we’re doing a serious art auction at the end!!! Own your own perfect landscape scene to make your place look more nicer!

Tons of drinks from Six Point Beer!!! Tons of chili!!!! Party as you mingle and enjoy this first-ever non-culinary takedown- a War of Paint!

ALL PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT CITYMEALS-ON-WHEELS. For once, you can feel good that your drunken libations and bad ideas are helping out NYC’s elderly! Let’s do this!!!!

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