Photography is a Creative Lie
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

It is time to stop viewing photography as a documentary or process of recording events. Photography, like all art is fundamentally a creative process. Creative in the literal sense, you are CREATING something every time you frame a shot, select your settings and hit the shutter.

The goal of this interactive presentation is to encourage you to view yourself as an author, rather than a recorder. To regard photography as storytelling, rather than just documenting facts.

Matt believes that photography cannot accurately reflect a universal truth. It is always an interpretation, an abstraction or a single point of view. Matt teaches that photography is more empowering to take the reins and consciously engage with the story telling process, encouraging individual expression with results that create unique and rewarding images.

Matt will be encouraging participants to take on a personal project to develop their photographic style, expand their skill set and to get into the mindset of creative director. Please come prepared for a discussion and bring along any concepts for a personal project.

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