Open to Creativity
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

After 30+ years as a consultant to photographers worldwide, Selina knows Creatives and our industry inside and out. Her latest body of work centers around the #1 issue that all photographers need to address:

Photographers need to show up daily as creatives, as artists, with a defined point of view and deep body of work. Yet many photographers feel overwhelmed and burdened by daily life and feel anything but creative. Some understand the need yet don’t have a defined vision to offer clients or themselves. Creativity is what defines every photographer, amateur or pro, and it’s is the juice that all photographers seek. Yet committing time and developing a lifestyle that supports being creative is difficult for many.

Shift this paradigm today and join Selina as she helps us all
Open To Creativity!

Selina’s seminar will include 3 components designed to provide Creatives with information and with the opportunity to re-open their sensory realms and experience true presence. These are two important initial steps toward opening to your creativity.

In this lively interactive group you will experience:

Teaching from Selina as she discusses:
• The need for Photographers to own their place as artists.
• The direct connection between a photographers creativity and their success
• The steps photographers can take to move toward being in the flow of creativity

Group discussion: Selina will facilitate …
• Group discussion where participants will be able to share their thoughts about how they are or are not in the creative flow.

Group shared experience:…..
• Through a guided meditation designed to re-open the sensory realms.
• Through a practice that will give all the experience of being in the present moment

Join us for this very important and unique opportunity and open up to creativity.

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