Disturbing Fan Mail
The Diamond (43 Franklin St., Brooklyn)

Lady Gaga, after receiving a string of disturbing fan letters, now sleeps under the watchful eye of a bodyguard. Tom Felton—a.k.a Draco Malfoy—once received a full binder of adoption documents from his “new parents” in America, exhorting him to “divorce” his biological parents and come live with them. And even Jean Luc-Godard once received a rat carcass in the mail.

Fan Mail is the predatory bacteria of celebrity culture. As the modes of celebrity expression have compounded over time, so fan culture has exploded to the point where it now constitutes its own economy—and it’s one that requires regulation. Identifying and acting on the provocations of fan-mail is now a business unto itself, with profound consequences.Come join the Center for Investigative Research for an overview of the history of fan mail, complete with a dramatic reading of select letters from an archive of disturbing fan mail, collected at the source by a former music industry employee.

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