Through Friday, March 15th: Rooftop Dance NYC

RoofTop Dance is pleased to partner with the Roger Smith Hotel’s Window at 125 (125 East 47th Street), to present The Introducing series, Season 2, a two-week occupation of The window at 125, introducing 13 artists working in the field of performance.

As makers and performers, artists occupy more space than just the stage with their presence. They constantly inhabit public, administrative, economic, cultural, internal, and political spaces; in this way the borders that contain what it means to “make art” are often unable to resist the blur of the artist working within them. Though the ratios between these areas of presence may not be apparent in a traditional performance, they are in constant flux and negotiation as each artist builds their works, practice, and life. As curators, RoofTop Dance is dedicated to bringing visibility to this negotiation and transparency to the creative process by producing performances that occur in non-traditional spaces such as this one.

These 13 artists, who represent a broad range of young makers and experienced performers, will exhibit their presence in this space for a full 12-hour day; how they accomplish this, what bodies and non-bodies they utilize to do so, and the aesthetics of that presence are entirely up to them.

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