Sunday, March 3rd: MIND/MIRROR: The Musical Brainwaves of Consciousness

MIND/MIRROR: The Musical Brainwaves of Consciousness
Body Actualized Center (143 Troutman St., Brooklyn)
$10-20 sliding scale

▨ WHAT? –> An afternoon of scientific experimentation, group vocalization, and guided meditation.

▨ WHO? –> Judith Pennington is an author, singer, ambient musician, meditation & consciousness trainer, and world authority on EEG and consciousness.


₪ Judith will illustrate whiteboard-style how yoga, sound, and meditation help to orchestrate the optimal brainwaves of meditation.

₪ Then she will connect a volunteer to her BRAINWAVE BIOFEEDBACK DEVICE, the Mind Mirror, to demonstrate consciousness evolution in real time.

₪ We will OM, sing guitar chants, and enjoy a self-discovery meditation to show how sound and awakened mind training expand the brain/mind into higher states of awareness.

// Various MEDICINAL TEAS will be available for consumption.

ATTN: We have plenty of yoga mats but a limited amount of blankets and pillows are available. Please remember to bring your own to ensure your comfort.

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