The Copyright Zone Guys
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Everything you want to know about Copyright and other legal issues, but were too scared to ask. There is a boatload of bad information, myths, factoids, and half-truths about Copyright and other photo related legal issues, like model releases, floating around. Photographer Jack Reznicki and lawyer Ed Greenberg will both demystify and illuminate in their easy, funny, and understandable manner that only this pairing of a photographer and lawyer with so much “real life, in the trenches” experience, can provide. Just like their popular Copyright Zone column in Photoshop User magazine, and their book, Photographer’s Survival Guide, they have a light touch, approachable explanation, and humorous touch on these usually dry subjects. As one past attendee to their lecture stated, it will “rock your world”.

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