It’s All True: A Shorts Program and Workshop with Sergio Oksman
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn)

In Sergio Oksman’s critically acclaimed shorts, Notes on the Other and A Story for the Modlins, the line separating fiction and non-fiction within personal and social histories are blurred. Whether it is an article written by Hemmingway from the perspective of a man about to be gored by the bulls as in Notes on the Other, or the retelling of the sad story of a family by an outsider who only holds vague fragments of their lives as in A Story for the Modlins, both of these films address the idea of someone looking into a life by reenacting that life. Together, these short works communicate and explore one another, with Notes of the Other acting as an essay or study about reenactment and fictionalization, and A Story for the Modlins acting as a product of the filmmaker’s own reenactment and fictionalization.

Come join Sergio Oksman in a screening of both Notes on the Other and A Story for the Modlins, with an extended conversation about the shorts, his work, and the long process of “finding” a film.

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