Tuesday, February 19th & Wednesday, February 20th: 24 Hour Proust Reading + Free Champagne & Madeleines

Swann’s Way
192 Books (192 10th Ave., Manhattan)
7pm start

“For a Long Time, I Went to Bed Early” PROUST IN 24 HOURS

Join us in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Swann’s Way, as we read the book aloud – in 24 hours.

Kick-off at 7pm with special introductions by:
Adam Gopnik (of
The New Yorker)
Anka Muhlstein (
Monsieur Proust’s Library)

The store will be open during the whole reading, so please stop in to either shop, or just sit and listen, at any point during the readings. Champagne and madeleines will be served on Tuesday evening.

If you would like to reserve a spot to read aloud for 20 minutes, please call 212-255-4022, or email info@192Books.co

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