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Where did Madonna get her Vogue?
Who taught Michael to Moonwalk?
When IS Hammer Time?
What is YOUR signature dance move?
You may not be a pop star, but everyone should take a little time to celebrate their inner superstar!

I’ve taught hundreds of students to groove to various styles as a Skillshare Master Teacher, now it’s your turn to develop your own move, then keep it as your secret weapon, or teach it to others. Creativity and the ability to identify styles and movements that you like are key to constructing your own, signature dance move. This class is about self-appreciation and celebration-of-you so while it may push you to the edge of your comfort zone, no one will be forced to share anything they do not want to. This is a safe and encouraging classroom!

Absolutely no dance or choreography experience is required to do this, and no dance technique will be taught in this online class. This is an easy to follow 4-step exercise in creativity that will employ a mixture of brainstorming, improvisation, web-based search for source material and getting to know what inspires you. While I will encourage you to draw inspiration from styles of dance from around the globe, this class will focus on social dancing / party dancing as the basis for creating Your Signature Dance Move.

The foundation for this course was inspired by the lectures of Mr. Wiggles, who teaches hip-hop workshops internationally. The idea that it’s legal to “bite off” other dancers’ moves as long as you “flip it” and make it your own, dates back to the days before YouTube, when ideas were shared at parties, in dance battles and on Soul Train, where spectators copied, imitated, and flipped what they saw to create new styles and moves.

You do not have to be an outgoing individual to take this class; while I recommend you take the moves you practice and develop in the class to dance parties, clubs, or a friend’s house – it is optional. Alternatively you can practice everything in the privacy of your own bedroom.

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