Williamsburg Fashion Weekend 2013

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend
The Space (50 N. 3rd St., Brooklyn)
8pm doors, 9pm start (sharp!)
$10 in advance (before 4pm on 2/15), $15 at the door

The twelfth season of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is here. WFW, from its inception has championed designers who elevate fashion aesthetically and morally to the highest-level independence affords. Participating designers, some of which are just out of school and others who have been around the block, are as different as snowflakes in their creations. What ties them together is their commitment to making this world better through their work.

The underlying power of the designers who show at WFW, is their love for what they do, where there is love there is integrity, and integrity is what we believe is sorely lacking in our field of endeavor.
It has been said that by example one teaches most effectively, and so by example we will show the fashion world that transparent business practices, undiluted personal vision, innovation with a moral code is the way toward a sustainable industry for generations to come.

WFW envisions a marketplace where the consumer and designers are partners in this essential endeavor, the designers running companies with unwavering ethical standards and consumers seeking out and supporting such companies. As usual, we are giving an opportunity for the industry and the general audience to get face to face with what we call conscientious fashion. Welcome to the future of fashion.

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