Reverend Jen’s Anti-Slam Cher Day Valentine’s Day Extravaganza
Pyramid Club (101 Ave. A, Manhattan)

Many years ago, Reverend Jen had an epiphany: She didn’t know or care who St. Valentine was. Not only that, she cared even less about Valentine’s Day. Her solution: Name the holiday after someone she and others recognize and love. For some inexplicable reason, Cher came to mind and Valentine’s Day quickly became Cher Day. On Cher Day, celebrants are encouraged to listen to Cher’s music, watch Cher films and dress as Cher (or as one of her loves.)

What could be more fun than Cher Day? How about a Cher Day that falls on a Thursday when Rev. Jen now hosts her weekly open mic, the Anti-Slam. As a result, Rev. is throwing a very special Cher Day Valentine extravaganza. Along with the regular open mic, there will plenty of crazy fun bonus activities including an Art Star Dating Game and a raffle (benefiting Waggytail Rescue) where guests can win special prizes like vibrators (who needs a significant other?) and gently worn elf panties. Guests, are of course, encouraged to dress as Cher, reenact her films or simply be groovy and fabulous.

Sure beats hanging your head over an empty Whitman’s sampler and feeling depressed because you don’t have a significant other.

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