Vegan Valentine's Day

Vegan Valentine’s Shop Up
Pine Box Rock Shop (12 Grattan St., Brooklyn)

It’s a new year! We’re jumping for joy right down lovers lane.. ’cause here it is, the 3rd annual Vegan Valentines Shop-Up! Which means it’s also the 2nd anniversary of Vegan Shop-Up! TOO EXCITING.

Visions of heart shaped cookies, glittering bon bons, sweet scented gift boxes, and charm filled chocolates will deck out Pine Box Rock Shop. Don’t forget, it’s also happy hour!

Handspun yarns + gourmet nut cheeses + tea blends + grooming products + seitan + yogurt + specialty cinnamon rolls + eco-clothing + cake truffles + kombucha + gluten-free goods = YOUR BEST DAY EVER.

HEAR, HEAR! Our awesome friends Terri are graciously donating mini cupcakes to help make this a real anniversary party! So get there early for a special free Shop-Up treat!

Come on out for a day of celebrating, munching, sipping, hanging, nuzzling, winking, snacking, sweethearting, and just plain fun having. Thanks for <3 ‘ing us enough to be around this long. This year we’re trying something new and bringing you a Shop-Up EVERY MONTH! Yeaaa.

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