Saturday, February 9th: ‘Guitar Center, Post-Apocalypse’ Opening + Free Jello Shots

Guitar Center, Post-Apocalypse
Secret Project Robot (389 Melrose St., Brooklyn)

For the past month, Taraka and Nimai Larson of Prince Rama have been building a “post-apocalyptic Guitar Center” pop-up store inside Secret Project Robot. Installed in a reclaimed warehouse space, the evolution towards a de-materialized music is taken to its inevitable end; Guitar Center becomes an anachronistic marketplace and a mausoleum of signifiers and relics of rock and roll’s mythological past. In this ghost-modern interior landscape, trees grow upside down to support dangling disco balls, lasers are reduced to glimmering projections looped from youtube demo videos, and instruments are glossy reproductions haphazardly cut and arranged from old mail order catalogues, creating a hyper-real pastoralism that reeks of both post-technological emptiness and utopian promise.

On the night of the opening, there will be a live “shred off” performance consisting of a select group of guitar players hand picked from local Guitar Center stores weaving infinite configurations of interlocking Stairway to Heaven solos. Food will be provided, and drinks will be served by Eric Copeland (Black Dice).

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