Saturday, February 2nd: Wisteria House: With and Without

Wisteria House: With and Without
LaunchPad (721 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn)
$5 suggested

Wisteria House is proud to announce our third pop-up exhibition entitled With and Without, curated by Makeda Hinds and Amelia I Romaine. A group exhibition, the show is comprised of artwork that examines addition and subtraction. Artists were asked to submit two images for consideration. In most cases, the first image submitted was from an existing body of work. For their second image, the artist had the choice of creating a new piece that builds upon an existing style or to removing an element that is typically found in their work, changing their typical concept in a very profound way. Seen together, it is clear which piece is with and which piece is without.

Expanding on the theme of with and without, this exhibition will feature both Wisteria House represented artists as well as artists who are not currently represented by Wisteria House, or from the American South.

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