Sunday, January 27th: Silent Jam Opening Reception & Potluck

Silent Jam
The Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn)

Babycastles, Silent Barn, and Global Game Jam 2013 are getting together this weekend for an game making art immersion retreat. People live in the Silent Barn for the weekend, take in all the art surrounding them and make games for 47 hours.

Come hang, play all the games that we cooked over the weekend in this Opening Reception!!

And feel free to stay around for these follow up performance at the Silent Barn!

• OPPONENTS (synth thugs)
• Aki Onda (tapes and amps)
• Eyvind Kang (solo ecstatic viola)
• Bob Bellerue & Wanda Gala (dance performance with sound)
• Richard Kamerman & Matt Wellins(video-noise)