Flux Death Match: Arts Funding, Follow the $$$$
29-27 41st Ave., Queens

Flux Factory is pleased to present its last edition of Flux Death Match, a feisty debate series in which opinionated experts lay down their thoughts, and put their foot in their mouths over hot button issues. Spontaneous quips, grisly “smack downs,” and a punishing fog machine are the name of the game. But in true action fashion, the final blow comes from the audience.

Steve Lambert, visual artist and co-founder of Center for Artistic Activism; Alexis Clements, writer and current fellow at Cultural Strategies Initiative; and Deborah Fisher, Executive Director of A Blade of Grass, will tangle over the art worlds’ most scarce resource: CASH. Where should it come from? Who gets it? And what should they do with it?

This fourth Death Match, Arts Funding: Follow the $$$$, is Flux Factory’s contribution to No Longer Empty’s How Much Do I Owe You? exhibition which focuses on value and exchange. The event starts at 8:00 pm with an open bar and reception for the panelists and audience members. The debate begins at 8:30 sharp and will be followed by a Q&A session, after which the audience will determine the winner. In keeping with the topic, high stakes are at risk: the winner takes all presenter honoraria and distributes as s/he sees fit.

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