Film Studies with Cinebeasts
Videology (308 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn)

Cinebeasts’ ever-growing cache of video oddities collides head-first with dizzying dance beats in a monthly party that explores new modes of cinematic experience with music and live visual storytelling.

Each month a different guest DJ will collaborate with a Cinebeasts VJ creating an immersive projection onto 3 screens, reworking films into new stories, mashing up entire genres into meta movies, and diving deep into the far corners of the moving image universe.

With a danceable soundtrack and recontextualized visuals, FILM STUDIES is an expanded cinema dance party for your eyes, ears, and dancing shoes.

This month, put on your visor and haptic gloves as we explore the 90’s representation of Cyberspace, the singularity, and the collapse of the techno-utopian dream with 12×12 and other members of Voodoo Down Records. Next month, join DJ Space Jam (Turrbotax) as she leads you on a space disco-fueled journey through the unbelievable universe of Soviet Sci Fi films.

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