Famous Arial & Variety Show
House of Yes (342 Maujer St., Brooklyn)
8pm doors, 9pm show

Fame has a higher profile then fortune, she has a house in a L.A., a condo in New York, and spends a lot of time traveling. She nibbles on sex tapes and devours people whole. She kicks it with mass murderers and drinks publicly with Lindsay and her mom. The bitch will fuck you up, but you just can’t stop thinking about her.

Being a professional performer in one of the most important cities in the world, notoriety is what pays the bills. Blatant self promotion is expected and unavoidable. Your face, your body and your personality are your primary instrument in your craft. Thursday, January 24th,Come see the cream of the crop circus performers wrestle and ponder what fame means to them, while flying above your head and defying death, all for the sake of glory and the sound of your applause.

Hosted by Barbara Walters.

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