Friday, January 11th: Photography and the Invisible – An Illustrated Presentation & Hands On Kirlian Photography Experiment with Shannon Taggart

Photography and the Invisible
Observatory (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

The invention of photography occurred when the existence of a variety of invisible forces were being scientifically proven. Distant communication was happening with the telegraph, the unseen energy of radiation was discovered, magical x-rays were produced and worlds within worlds were being revealed via microscopes and telescopes. During this era of possibility, photography was used in attempts to illustrate thoughts and feelings, to verify the existence of a universal life force and to manifest proof of the soul.

This presentation will begin with an overview of early camera-less photographic experimentation including the evolution of what is now known as the Kirlian photography process. We will then set up a Kirlian device and everyone will have a chance to have their hands photographed. The results of this experiment will be compared and everyone will receive their image.

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