Monday, December 31st: Aquarius with Lukelogic, Amourette, Ahmed Hashim & Maroje + Open Bar

Aquarius with Lukelogic, Amourette, Ahmed Hashim & Maroje
37 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn
9pm, 9-10pm open bar
$20 in advance

Celebrate the coming of the new age with S.O.M. for a celestial celebration of the masses. Join us as we take-off for the mystical Aquarius constellation, a world of light, sound and funkadelic beats and bid adieu to the setting glimpse of yesteryear.

The journey to the celestial constellation begins on the corner of Greenpoint Ave & West Street where signs will lead you to the launch pad. From there, guests are escorted onto the vessel where a specially curated line-up of captains ease the journey into space with the sounds of disco-inspired rhythms.

Find Well Dressed Man on Corner of Greenpoint Ave. and West. St.


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