The Little Top Circus & Medicine Show
Union Hall (702 Union St., Brooklyn)

Calling the low, the weak, and the ungodly! Gather near, ye faithless, ye mentally infirm and spiritually bereft!

This is the end of days and that rumble in the distance is the wagons of The Little Top Circus & Medicine Show, rolling into town to save your sad sinner’s soul. Led by the evangelically infamous Good Reverend Doctor Professor Elucius Clay, this sideshow of cautionary tales will horrify (watch as Stitch the Geek mutilates his own flesh!), flummox (recoil at Bobby Phobia’s feats of physiology), and titillify (surrender to the undulant charms of Cherry Delight, reigning Miss Coney Island!) all to the blood-stirring musicianing of Ratty Mousebites, Miz E, and Papa Nicki of The Hot Sardines.

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