An Instagram How-to: Secrets Revealed
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

This class is for both beginners and advance users on Instagram. Bryant will be reviewing basics like how to manage your privacy settings, save your filtered photos, and discover new users, to advanced techniques like how to use other applications to get certain filters and looks, how to incorporate images from alternate sources (like those shot with digital or even film cameras), how to gain a following and more. Instagram can be used as a daily life public journal for everyone to see. But it can also be used in creative ways as part of a marketing strategy, to advertise a new product and build a business. With almost 24 thousand followers, Bryant is considered to be a ‘Top Instagrammer’, and was recently chosen by Instagram to shoot New York’s Fashion Week.

This class is for both iPhone and Android users but the class will focus more on iPhone since Bryant uses Instagram with his iPhone on a daily basis.

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