Silent Barn Public Meeting: The So So Glos / The Beets / Nonhorse
Shea Stadium (20 Meadow St., Brooklyn)
8:30pm start


What role does touring play in disseminating art? How do you decide on cities and venues to visit? Where do you stay? How do you fund touring or how does touring procure income? What are the differences between touring abroad vs. in the US? In a strange town, how do you get people to come to your show? Is touring strictly a music/ performance phenomenon? Touring vs. Residency programs? — can you ‘tour’ as a visual artist? Or even with video games? How did you organize your first tour? What was much harder/easier than expected? How had your approach to touring changed over time? What is the responsibility of venues/spaces to touring artists, and vice-versa?


G. Lucas Crane (Silent Barn, Nonhorse)
Kunal Gupta (Silent Barn, Babycastles, Loud Objects)
Zach Staggers (Shea Stadium, So So Glos)
Alex Levine (Shea Stadium, So So Glos)
Noah Klein (Fmly)
Noah Sasso (BaraBariBall + other video games)
Vanessa Cronan (Rabid Hands, VnessWolfCHild)
Matthew Mehlan (Skeletons)

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