An Introduction to Computational Fashion
Eyebeam (540 W. 21st St., Manhattan)
Free, RSVP required

Join us for a public presentation and reception as Eyebeam launches its latest initiative, Computational Fashion in New York. Bringing together artists, scientists, technologists and the fashion industry, Computational Fashion explores cutting edge ideas at the convergence of fashion and creative technology. The inaugural event will feature presentations by Gabi Asfour, fashion designer and co-founder of threeASFOUR, Sabine Seymour, designer, writer, and professor of fashionable technology at Parsons, and Katherine Isbister, computer scientist and research director of the Game Innovation Lab at NYU-Poly.

Gabi Asfour will present the cutting edge work designed by threeASFOUR and their recent collaborations with technologists in digital fabrication. Dr. Sabine Seymour will discuss synergies between fashion and technology by presenting state-of-the-art artistic and technology examples such as smart textiles that have the potential to function as a second skin to re-create, modify or extend the body through technology. Dr. Katherine Isbister will present her research conducted at the Game Innovation Lab that explores ways to broaden the emotional and social palette that technology offers us by building and testing prototype systems using a wide range of the latest sensing and feedback technologies. Isbister will also discuss her current collaborative work with Eyebeam Fellow Kaho Abe, funded as part of the Computational Fashion initiative.

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